Caution with payment and credit cards

What is a credit card or credit card With a credit card or credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Diners Club, American Express) you can make payments that are only settled through your current account once a month on a predetermined day. This way you can get a payment delay up to a month. Payment and credit […]

Credit Card – Is It Worth It?

According to BF Bank data, in the first quarter of 2016, the Portuguese increased credit card consumption by more than 8% compared to 2015. We are talking about an absolute value of 7.28 billion euros. But is this value even being used by households for the acquisition of goods and services? What is the sector […]

Major Debtor Issues

The debtor , or the borrower, is now every second or third resident and we all know people from a circle of acquaintances or friends who have at least one credit obligation. And because this credit industry is so huge, people often have different problems that we will look at today.   Too small income […]