Caution with payment and credit cards

What is a credit card or credit card

With a credit card or credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Diners Club, American Express) you can make payments that are only settled through your current account once a month on a predetermined day. This way you can get a payment delay up to a month.

Payment and credit cards are quite useful things. In no time you pay anything without a penny in your pocket. But sometimes they can also be dangerous.

Easy payment from a credit card

We all know: if you have a payment or credit card in your pocket, you sometimes spend more money than planned. If you want to avoid such impulse purchases, you better drive past the bank before you go shopping and you do not take more money with you than you want to spend. Yet most people find it quite handy to have such a card in their pocket. Unexpected purchases can be paid without problems, Moreover, with a credit card you also get a delay of several weeks.

But that payment convenience also has its price. Lender Cash card you have to pay a price of 4 to 6.5 euros annually, depending on the bank (except for some banks such as Argenta and Deutsche Bank). If you also use the electronic wallet on your card (Proton function), this will be added to the amount of 5 euros. And as soon as you pick up your card abroad for the first time, your bank will charge an additional 5 euros. So about 15 euros, just for the convenience of a payment card. And a credit card is even more expensive. A normal credit card from your bank costs around 20 euros at most banks. And if you want a so-called ‘golden’ card, you pay a multiple thereof.

Expensive cards so those credit cards

But in addition, both payment and credit cards can be very dangerous. In the event of loss or theft, an unfair ‘finder’ can plunder your account in no time. Especially with credit cards, the risk of misuse is particularly high. A simple signature is sufficient to be able to pay for such a card. And a signature is imitated quickly and hard to check.

But did you know that even with Lender Cash card, abuses are possible, even if no one outside of you knows your secret code? Since these cards display the Maestro logo, they can be used abroad as a payment method without a pin code, only with a signature. This Maestro function is an international payment facility that has been on almost all Lender Cash cards for the past two years.

It is very important to have both your payment and credit cards

Because of this logo, it is very important to have both your payment and credit cards blocked as quickly as possible in the event of loss or theft. Even if no one outside of you knows the secret code of your payment card. You can do this day and night at Good Finance for your Lender Cash, Eurocard, Visa cards, or on the number of American Express or Diners Club. As soon as your card is blocked, you no longer run any risk, even if fraudulent payments are made afterwards. All liability is shifted to the card issuer from the moment of the report.

You are partly liable for the fraud committed with your card before you block it. However, that liability is limited by law to 150 euros. If your card was misused for a larger amount, the remainder must be reimbursed to you by the card issuer. Of course a thorough investigation is always linked to this.

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