Learn how you can use service credit?

Today, it is no longer impossible to get that product of your dreams. It is difficult to have all the money in time to make the purchase, but for that, there is the service credit. See guangxi-travel.com for a summary

This type of modality is done when a certain group of people come together to acquire a good. They pay monthly the amount that is most appropriate to their condition and then draw until all are contemplated.

Want to know more about credit, its advantages and what you can get with it? Then it came to the right text. In this content, we talk about this and other subjects related to the theme. So don’t waste your time and read on!

How is credit services?

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In this type of consortium, the administrator is responsible for managing the joint savings of the group of people. Briefly, the participant has to make the monthly payment of the installment and, as noted, at least one is covered by the letter of credit of services. This is the document that guarantees that the consortium will have access to the product they wanted when they signed the contract.

Note that the values ​​of the consortium vary according to the price of what was chosen, following what was planned for the payment. In general, the duration goes up to a maximum of four years, remembering that the longer the total value is diluted.

What are your advantages?

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This is a great way for those people who want to have a credit service available, even though the cash settlement is unfeasible. In this way, it is possible to make savings with other consortium members, having medium and long term goals, without the need to make huge financial sacrifices.

Installment payment is also one of the great advantages over other options such as financing. Who chooses the latter needs to be prepared to deal with the interest. In the case of the consortium, even if the monthly fees are corrected every year and consider administration fee, it does not have the incidence of these charges. Therefore, the final values ​​of the modality of purchase are more attractive.

What services can you buy with this credit?

buy with this credit?

Well, now that you know what it is and the benefits of service credit, it’s time to talk about what you can do with it. And look, there are a lot of options, but we’ve listed the top four. To find out what they are, read on!


Celebrating is always good, isn’t it? And there are people who cherish the dream of having a 15th birthday party for their children or having a big wedding. If this is your case, but you are short of money at the moment, paying for the consortium services is possible and feasible to fulfill your wish. After all, credit for this can be used for organizing events.


Who doesn’t need a vacation, right? But getting everything to go as planned requires time and money. If you want to make that trip, you can count on the credit modality of services, using the benefit to buy packages or even the desired tickets!


Credit can also be used for aesthetic procedures. The most sought after are silicone application, dental procedures, plastic surgery and even tanning. Want to change something in your body? So this kind of consortium is an option!


According to information from the Brazilian Association of Consortium Administrators, this is the largest use of credit that we are talking about: residential services. Hydraulic, electrical replacement works, adaptation of the property to the legislation and even change or construction of rooms are just some examples.

In this post, we explain what it is, the advantages and how credit services can be used. Although we show four options, there are a few more ways in which it can be used. It will all depend on how the contract was made and signed, so pay close attention to the details before finalizing it – after all, its better to be safe than sorry!

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