Amber Heard welcomes baby girl through surrogate mother … 5 years after split from Johnny Depp


surprise! Amber Heard welcomes a baby girl through surrogate mother… 5 years after her brutal break-up with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has revealed that he has had his first surrogate child.

The 35-year-old actress took to Instagram to share her hugging daughter and a long caption that she wanted to have a child on her own terms.

She captioned 3.9 million subscribers in the blink of an eye: “I’m very happy to share this news with you. Four years ago, I decided I wanted a child. I wanted him. do with my own words. “

surprise! Amber Heard revealed she welcomed her first child

She also revealed that she named her child Oona Page Hiard because her first name was of Scottish origin, meaning pure and holy. The child was born on April 8, 2021.

According to Thursday’s Page Six, sources close to Hard say they took the child to surrogacy after being told she would never be able to carry her baby.

The revelation comes five years after actor Johnny Depp’s divorce, when the two have been embroiled in a fierce court battle since then.

She continued the legend by nurturing her personal life, writing, “Some of me want to argue that my personal life is nobody’s job. I also found that due to the nature of my job I had to deal with this. “

Amber emphasized the importance of being able to be a parent, regardless of marital status.

She writes: “I understand now, as a woman, how radical it is for us to think this way about one of the most fundamental parts of our destiny.

“We hope to reach a point where the ring is standardized to eliminate the need for a cradle.”

She concludes the post by saying, “She’s the start of the rest of my life.”

Page Six insiders explained that it’s important for Amber to be transparent about the birth of a child.

The source said: ‘The most important thing for Amber is that she is open about Oona’s birth.

“There are so many women who can’t talk about childbirth and feel worried and embarrassed. Amber feels supported and gives birth to a baby, even though you have a problem with childbirth. I want you to understand that there are several ways.

An insider who knew Amber said the star was her surrogate mother and thanked the woman who helped her reach her goal of becoming a mother.

The source explained: ‘Oona is absolutely gorgeous and Amber is assigned. She always wanted to be a mom. This is his greatest wish. She is very grateful to the wonderful woman who helped bring Oona to life.


Amber Heard welcomes a baby girl through surrogate mother… 5 years after her break-up with Johnny Depp

Source link Amber Heard welcomes a baby girl through surrogate mother… 5 years after her disagreeable break-up with Johnny Depp


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