Congresswoman Fajans-Turner pledges to fight for reproductive rights


A Democratic congressional candidate in the 22nd district says women and their advocates will have to fight for reproductive freedom at the state and federal levels.

Vanessa Fajans-Turner was my Tuesday morning guest on Inside the FLX. The interview came a day after Politico obtained a leaked Supreme Court draft ruling stating that Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision upholding the legality of abortion, will be overturned by the current court. Fajans-Turner says there is work to be done and no time to wait.

Fajans-Turner says she fears America is becoming “a fragmented country where some people have better rights than others.” She says “abortion is health care and we must stand up for our nation’s public health, our nation’s family health, and women’s reproductive health.”

On other questions

“Over the next decade, carbon fuels will push the planet toward irreversible climate change. Burning carbon also poisons our lungs and destroys our air, soil and water. Carbon-rich authoritarian countries are also using carbon energy reserves to threaten our allies. New technologies can eliminate dependence on any form of fossil fuel. Sun, wind and water can power heating and cooling pumps, cars, trucks, trains and ships.

Fajans-Turner says America should invest in renewable energy and lobby financial institutions that she says support the fossil fuel industry.

“Our region is distinguished from others by its abundant water resources, fertile agricultural land and agricultural know-how. Central New York and the Finger Lakes are areas that power New York and the nation. Our farms, dairies and vineyards employ thousands of New Yorkers and are a vital pillar of our regional economy. Agritourism is also a key driver of our local economy and hospitality industries.

The redesigned 22nd congressional district

Asked about the uncertainty caused by the court ruling invalidating New York’s electoral maps, Fajan-Turner said “politics is about responding to whatever keeps you on your toes.”

We hope to have conversations with the other candidates in the race in the coming weeks. Watch our full Inside the FLX conversation below.

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