Couple go into hiding after surrogate lodges kidnapping complaint


COUPLE FACES child abduction charges in Thailand after surrogate mother found out they were gay.

Gordan ‘Bud’ Lake is the biological father of Carmen, who was born to a surrogate mother, and had traveled to Thailand with her partner Manuel to meet the woman and their child.

However, the woman reversed her decision to hand over the baby, despite signing the consent forms.

Giving an update on their situation to The Anton Savage Show on Today FM, Lake explained that under Thai law, he currently has no legal rights to the child.

“The problems started on January 27, it was the day before our meeting at the American Embassy to do the passport papers, and I received a [text message] of the surrogate’s translator saying she wanted to keep the baby, ”he explained, but the woman did not say why.

It was probably the first time in my life that I had suffered a physical shock. It’s anyone’s worst nightmare to have surrogacy. This was not expected because it never happened in Thailand.

The surrogate had refused to sign any papers for the child to leave the country when she discovered that Lake and his wife were not an “ordinary family”.

“She thought she was doing this for an average couple,” Lake continued, “She was going to do it fine for an average couple.”

She later commented in the press that two men could not provide for a child.

Under Thai law, Lake currently has no rights to Carmen, but the couple have not fully explored the legalities behind the signed surrogacy contracts.

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“We don’t think she’s trying to renegotiate the contract and ask for more money.”

They currently live in a secret location in Bangkok.

“She filed a complaint against me for child abduction and I went to the police. We are waiting to see what happens on this front.

We are devastated. Our family is missing some very important months in the life of our two children. We had a great support network of other parents who were here because of surrogacy and who are now gone. Now we are quite alone, but we have our children to brighten up our days, as you can hear.

“We’re just trying to put one foot in front of the other and we’re going to be here and we’re going to do whatever we need to do until we find a solution to get her daughter home.”

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