Crowdsource ‘2 Bears’ for surrogate mother


The people of Oregon have done all the crowdfunding, from a rigged cooler to some really cool pint glasses, but now a gay couple in Portland is hoping to raise money so they can start a family.

Anthony Szabo and Kirk Shepard are outsourcing the cost of a surrogate, hoping to raise $ 75,000 and raise awareness. Although not confirmed, the couple believe they could be the first to try this approach.

Shepard said the decision to go public was not an easy one, but the couple couldn’t afford the $ 100,000 it would likely cost to go through a local surrogacy agency.

“We can’t afford to have a child in our lives, but we have the money to support a child,” said Szabo, who works as an office manager at a downtown software company. city. “Even though we saved for 10 years, we couldn’t save enough to do it on our own.”

Shepard and Szabo said they were repeatedly asked why they didn’t choose adoption or foster care.

They don’t object, but they want to experience those first moments like hearing the baby‘s first heartbeat in the surrogate’s womb and seeing the baby take its first breath.

“If we don’t get those experiences it doesn’t mean we can’t start our families, but that’s what we are trying,” Shepard said.

The couple began documenting their journey on their blog, aptly titled Two Beards and a Baby, and on social media. Shepard and Szebo raised nearly $ 7,000 in the first 48 hours of launching their crowdfunding campaign, despite criticism.

Some people opposed to the plan argue that the couple should adopt instead.

“But because we took this route to start or to try, there are a lot of opinions about what we should do and how we should do it,” Shepard said. “We’re just showing off, and it’s vulnerable. It’s a mad rush.”

“We had a few good friends who reminded us that when it comes to parenting, everyone has an opinion,” Szabo added.

Editor’s Note: Anthony Szabo and Kirk Shepard aren’t the first couple to fund their surrogacy plan. It is not clear if they are the first same-sex couple to do so.

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