Newborn and orphan mustang foal found near Prineville gets surrogate


The rescue of an orphaned, feral mustang foal sends the equestrian community in central Oregon to a frenzy. Quest is a one-day-old mustang who lost her mother and, with a lot of help, found a new one.

A week ago, the newborn mustang foal was found running down a road near a ranger station in the Ochoco Mountains east of Prineville. The foal’s mother was nowhere in sight and never returned.

Mustangs to the rescue took the dehydrated, tired and hungry colt for medical attention and a fresh start in life with a surrogate.

“If all goes as planned, she will accept the foal as if she had just given birth to it,” said Dr. Shannon Findley, Bend Equine Medical Center. “From then on they are bonded and the mare thinks it’s her baby, and the baby thinks it’s her mum.”

Quest’s surrogate, Honey, is too old to have another baby, but still has plenty of love to give. With hormonal treatments, she is able to produce milk.

“They bonded right away. Everyone got really choked up,” Anne Hornberger said. “She taunted her, snuggled her up and started breastfeeding her right away, so it was a great game.”

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Quest is recovering with his adoptive mother in a foster home. All of her medical bills and food needs are paid for through donations.

“We’re going to make sure she has a wonderful time with her mother and a few other foals and learns all the social skills she needs,” said Kate Beardsley, director of Mustangs to the Rescue. “When she returns to Mustangs to the Rescue after weaning, we will make sure she is properly halter trained and has wonderful manners before she goes to a new home.”

There’s already a Quest fan club and a growing list of people interested in adopting the lucky colt.

“Mia has spent a lot of time here nurturing her and loving her, so we’re going to bond. It’s going to be hard to see her go,” Hornberger said.

For more information on adopting Quest or a number of other horses looking for a home, click here link.

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