Oasis Fertility Hosts Conclave on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in Warangal

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The aim of ART Conclave was to start a conversation around recent research and also to train fertility specialists across India on advancements in infertility treatment.

Oasis Fertility hosted an ART conclave, with a focus on keeping infertility specialists, embryologists, andrologists and other healthcare professionals informed about the latest advances in artificial reproductive technologies and their use for best results.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Durga G Rao, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Oasis Fertility, said ART Conclave’s goal is to start a conversation around recent research and train specialists in fertility across India on advancements in infertility treatment. Some of the latest techniques such as PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing) help us rule out the possibility of transfer of any genetic disease from parent to child. ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) is another technique that helps find the right time for implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is set to revolutionize the infertility segment by leaps and bounds. Good embryos can be retrieved for implantation through machine learning, thereby minimizing human intervention and also increasing the success of IVF treatment. Through this ART conclave, we try to enlighten participants with the latest updates in fertility treatment as well as help them provide personalized fertility treatment solutions.

Dr Krishna Chaitanya – Chief Scientist and Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility, said: “We take a holistic approach and provide evidence-based, ethical and technology-backed treatments. Our IVF laboratories are on par with international standards because the quality of the embryo is very crucial in an IVF treatment. We also have exclusive male fertility clinics – Androlife, which address male infertility issues. We specialize in micro-TESE (Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction), which is an advanced technique to help men overcome infertility issues and achieve fatherhood. Using technology, high-tech equipment and fertility specialists, we provide compassionate, accessible and affordable treatment. “

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jalagam Kavya Rao, Clinical Manager and Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Warangal, said that “ART Conclave enables us to disseminate knowledge of next generation technology to a much wider audience. which can bring positive results in the lives of the thousands of couples who are struggling to conceive. Infertility is emerging as one of the major health issues in India due to lifestyle changes, delayed parenting and other environmental factors. There are many advanced fertility treatment options available, but awareness about them is lacking. I believe ART Conclave can provide the confidence and faith that will enable many more clinicians to provide tailored fertility treatments for couples and bring joy to their families.

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