Same-sex couples in Israel will soon have access to surrogacy


For same-sex couples in Israel looking to start a family, surrogacy will finally be a legal option from next week.

As of Tuesday, January 11, same-sex couples will be able to have children through surrogate mothers, following a Supreme Court ruling last year that overturned parts, says Israel’s health minister. of the country’s surrogacy laws, reports the Associated Press.

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in 2020 that surrogacy laws, which were expanded to allow access to single mothers but not same-sex couples, “disproportionately violated the right to equality and the right to parenthood ”and were therefore illegal. Although the changes did not take effect immediately, the government gave then prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu one year to draft a new law; however, the Israeli legislature, the Knesset, has not been able to meet this deadline.

In July 2021, the court said that “as for over a year the state did nothing to propose an appropriate amendment to the law, the court ruled that it could not bear the severe continuing damage. human rights caused by the existing surrogacy agreement. Adding that the new law would come into force in six months to allow the formation of professional directives.

According to Nitzan Horowitz, the Israeli government’s former gay health minister, this is a step in the right direction for the nation. “Full equality. It is the simple request, and it is the objective of the LGBT struggle, the long struggle of my community, ”he said, adding that the new law would also open up access to surrogacy to people. single men and transgender people.


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