Success of gestational surrogacy for UK’s first transgender parents demonstrates options available to expectant LGBTQ parents, says Global Surrogacy Services | News


LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A 8 March article in My London reports on the surrogacy journeys of from the United Kingdom transgender first parents, Jake and Hannah Graf. With a healthy, happy toddler and another child on the way, the two intended parents and their surrogate, Laura, set a pattern that could inspire more LGBTQ families, says Global Surrogacy Services. The agency points out that many of its clients are busy, successful people like the Grafs – Jake is a writer and director and Hannah is a former high-ranking member of the British Army. The firm adds that there are many hurdles, both medical and legal, that need to be overcome and that busy laypersons may find overwhelming. This is where the support of a qualified surrogacy agency can be essential, says Global Surrogacy Services.

One important area is matching families with the right surrogate. Laura, the Grafs’ beloved surrogate, is a pediatric nurse who had two children before becoming a surrogate. Global Surrogacy Services notes that their surrogates are equally amazing women: healthy mothers with children at home and full lives. That being said, all surrogates and intended parents have their own specific needs. For example, some expectant parents want to include their surrogates in their child’s extended family, while others prefer a more independent relationship once the baby is born. The important thing, according to Global Surrogacy Services, is to ensure that everyone involved is completely comfortable with the agreed upon arrangement.

Naturally, exceptional medical care is also essential. As with the Grafs, LGBTQ couples can use frozen eggs harvested from a variety of sources, including those removed from a partner’s ovaries before a female-to-male transition is complete. The fertilization and implantation of these eggs by IVF requires exceptional medical personnel. the Los AngelesThe New York-based agency notes that it takes pride in ensuring that parents and their surrogates receive the absolute highest level of care to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy.

Global Surrogacy Services adds that the current generation of human beings have an unprecedented number of lifestyle options to choose from. These choices now extend to parenthood, as modern reproductive medicine has made it possible for those who most desire to have children to have their own offspring, regardless of gender or orientation.

Readers can learn more about Global Surrogacy Services and the surrogacy process by visiting the agency’s website at or by calling (800) 355-2009. The center is based at Los Angeles and beverly hills region, but works with Intended Parents worldwide and Surrogate Mothers from all over the United States.

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