Surrogate mother who sold same babies twice convicted of fraud | France


A French court has sentenced a woman convicted of defrauding two same-sex couples who had hired her as a surrogate mother to one year in prison. The woman was only named as Aurore.

Surrogacy is illegal in France and couples who paid for its services have also been charged.

The two gay couples who were defrauded each received suspended fines of € 2,000 (£ 1,580).

Two other couples – a gay and a heterosexual – who bought babies from 37-year-old Aurore were fined the same amount.

Using pseudonyms such as Little Stork and Sincere Angel, Aurore landed her first successful contract in 2010 with a gay male couple in western France, agreeing to bear a child for them for € 15,000.

The due date was March 21, 2011, but when the time came, she texted the couple claiming the child was stillborn.

Indeed, the little boy was born in perfect health and sold for around € 10,000 to another gay couple living in Luxembourg.

In 2012, she promised a baby to another gay male couple for € 15,000, then had the child but told them the baby was dead. Instead, she sold the child to a heterosexual couple in northern France.

Experts said the defendant, who said she was raped by her father as a teenager, suffered from “major emotional neglect” and low self-esteem.

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