Toronto-based health tech startup FH Health funds new reproductive health company Pollin


$ 40.7 million funds provided to improve the fertility experience of patients in the Canada and United States

TORONTO, October 19, 2021 / CNW / – FH Health announced that it has provided $ 4.7 MM funding to Pollin Fertility, a company that has a fertility-focused technology platform to power a full range of person-centered reproductive health services.

The funding will allow Pollin Fertility to accelerate its engineering roadmap using innovative new technologies that add intelligent clinical decision-making, an easy-to-use EMR (electronic medical records) and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms ( IA) to dramatically improve fertility outcomes and success. rates. The company plans to develop and deploy these technologies through its patient-focused in-clinic and at-home offerings that transform an individual’s care journey.

“There is a lack of focus and innovation in the United States and Canada when it comes to fertility and health technology. To add to this, patients with fertility issues often face chaotic and confusing journeys, ”said Melody Adhami, Chairman of FH Santé. “We are delighted that FH Health can support Pollin Fertility in its mission to reinvent reproductive health. Through innovative new technologies and person-centered care approaches, we’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the incredibly large fertility space. “

Since the 1980s, the rate at which Canadian couples experience infertility has doubled to about 16% (one in six). Meanwhile, medical and consumer technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate, but despite this need and availability of technology, the current service landscape is failing to effectively integrate digital solutions into patient care.

This funding marks FH Health’s first investment in reproductive health capacity and its continued investment in the development of health services based on world-class technology. Pollin will join the FH family of brands as the company continues to seek opportunities to expand its presence in healthcare. FH and Pollin Fertility are ideally placed to provide a new and improved experience for families who want to learn more about their reproductive health or who are starting their own fertility journey.

About FH Santé

FH Health is a healthcare technology company with a mission to propel the healthcare industry on a global scale with its innovative healthcare technology stack that modernizes care for patients and clinicians. FH Health’s COVID-19 pilot project has developed the foundations of its proprietary technological approach that allows its clinical footprint. The company has developed partnerships with leading airlines, consulates, embassies and corporations, including Amazon, Apple, BMO and Brookfield Asset Management, to promote better health outcomes locally and globally.


For more information: If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Meena Mahil of Pollin Fertility by email at [email protected]

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