Women Online Share Their Honest Thoughts About Surrogacy


Social media erupted with unsolicited opinions when Priyanka Chopra announced the arrival of her newborn via surrogacy. All of a sudden, there was this debate about surrogacy and whether it’s ethical or not. For the uninitiated, surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to carry a child for another person/couple. It is often backed by a legal agreement and a monetary transaction may be involved.

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Therefore, when a Reddit A user asked women if they had money and wanted children, would they be interested in going for surrogacy, many replied.

If you wanted kids and money wasn’t an issue, would you consider surrogacy? Why or why not? by AskWomen

Several women took to the comments section to say no to surrogacy. Many thought the practice was “unethical” and compared it to “human trafficking”.

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Some have also said that the practice is used by the wealthy and exploits the poor. The women even said they would prefer to adopt.

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The thought of another woman abandoning her baby bothered some.

However, there were also people who said yes to surrogacy but with conditions – as if all parties had consented to the arrangement and special compensation was given to the surrogate.

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What is your opinion on surrogacy? Share with us!


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